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About me

I was born in St. Michel de l’Attalaye, Haiti but raised and educated in Gonaives, one of the major cities located in the Central Plain of Artibonite.
I started drawing at the young age of five. I captured my first glimpse of colors passionately watching my dad using various mirages of colors on his canvases. At that moment, I discovered my real purpose in life. I still carry that passion for art. At the age of nine, I joined St. Charles’ Church choir. Sitting inside the cathedral, I was deeply moved by the contemporary design and colors of the bay windows which incited me to transfer that beauty into daily life depicted through various artistic styles.
I personally think that art is a critical foundation of life that stirs a sense of respect. It became a vital necessity to create and reach the soul of this cultural and spiritual manifestation. I love what I do with my art.
I was born with the shapes, colors and tone keys that represent the essence of creativity. I share everything with art: my emotions, my sufferings and my hopes. God has infiltrated in me the creative force that celebrates my unique view of existence. My mission is to enhance on a canvas everything that I feel at the bottom of my soul. Whatever the medium applied, the result is a breathtaking harmony of colors. My goal is to contribute to its progress.
I left my country in 1974 and settled in New York to study Architecture, which to me is another form of creativity.