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I feel amazed by the torrent of creativity resulting from my hard work and practice. I carry within me the lines, the shapes and the unknown laws of painting like a mystery. My artistic perception reveals a reality that is unique to me. I share everything with my art: my emotions, my sufferings and my hopes. This facet is an assertion that constitutes the priorities of cultural and spiritual values. I can dream and imagine everything about art. Wherever one goes, art dominates everything; it stimulates and carries in me a feeling of joy, fulfillment and perfection. It was the first finding of Humanity! One thing the people should stop doing is stop thinking that an artist is leaving in a crazy World! Personally I was born an artist in the true sense of the word. Frantz Dupiton

The Ideal Site to Experience the true colors
the Caribbean

A Glimpse of inspirations through a fusion of colors

My World

My philosophy about art, it could not be only the charm of the museum, but the pillar under the rooftop of all human kind where it holds its purity and eternity.


Here is a commentary as regard to my style.

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Mr. Frantz Dupiton is a great art painter on canvas and fin art. The designs and painting style seems to be excellent. He can draw different images in the market through his paintings because his paintings have managed to acquire the best colorant and magnificent designs that can never input by any one. A person can get amazed to see his paintings because the touch of the color and the magnificent art work. He can make the paintings magnificent and beautiful. One day before I have visited the art gallery and found some clever art work. There, I watched the great art works of the Frantz Dupiton from that time I am simply inclined for his art work.

Frantz M Dupiton/ Artist

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Welcome/ Bienvenue